Story Thief Draft Chapter 3

Dawn saw Lyra wake early in the darkness, slipping out of bed and hastily pulling on Sterlyn’s clothes, her boots and scarf, and racing to the stables. The vardo was ready to leave, but that didn’t stop her from checking it over several times, making sure the wheels were oiled, her belongings were stowed away where they couldn’t be thrown about, that the internal fixtures were secured down.



So I may have just published my first book.

It’s a picture book based on the same kind of theme as my Birds Of Paradise project, based on my memories and experiences growing up in Papua New Guinea and consequently how they’ve affected me as an adult.

It’s designed to look/read like a children’s picture book, but it’s probably not really appropriate for kids. No NSFW content or anything, it’s just that the subject matter gets a little bit dark and maaaybe a little political. It doesn’t really have a happy ending. Might confuse the average kid a bit.

But yeah, you can buy it in hardcover on, and I’m working on getting an ebook/pdf version up and running.

So yeah! Check it out! Tell your friends!