Life updates; we’re still working on the My Growing Values picture books and related merchandise, which has been so, so much fun. That’s taken up the vast bulk of my time, and in between that I’ve been just, well. Drawing fan art. Oops. Apparently I’m not done being obsessed with this one band!!

The past year has been pretty quiet; there’s not much I can talk about other than the picture books. I feel like I should be undertaking more projects and pushing myself, but since the picture books are a full time job in themselves, motivation to work on extra stuff has been pretty low.
Still – perhaps once the books are published, I might start looking at new projects, applying for more work. We’ll see what this year brings!

I’m definitely a lot more optimistic about the coming year than I was this time last year – getting the picture book gig was kind of an incredible stroke of luck, and it’s been such a great job, so if I can continue getting similar kind of work then that would be awesome.

I wasn’t seriously looking to be a picture book illustrator when I was looking for work last year, but I’m pretty sold on it now. More picture book work, or similar illustration work, would be amazing.

Because of contractual obligations, I can’t post the work I’ve done on the books yet. So have another indicator of life since my last post – all the fan art I’ve drawn in my free time outside of the books!

Yes, I’m still obsessed with twenty one pilots. We’ll see how that goes this year.
(most of these drawings have big ugly signatures on them – turns out fan art gets shared pretty widely by other fans, which is a good thing in one sense, but not so good when people share work without adding the source or naming the artist!! So I’ve been putting signatures on my work for a few months now to try and remedy that.)

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