Good news – I got a job! I’ve been so quiet because I’ve been working illustrating a series of picture books + merchandise for My Growing Values – a Queensland based company doing a series of books for young kids to promote good values like being polite, respectful, responsible, honest etc. We’ve been working on the books since about May.

There’s actually two illustrators, myself and the main¬†illustrator, whose work defines the style of the books. So the challenge for me has been to imitate her style and make sure my work looks like hers, so the books can be as consistent as possible. Hopefully I’ve managed it and done justice to her work!
It’s been a great project and I’ve really enjoyed working on it. I think I can say I’ve definitely been sold on picture book illustration!

We’re not finished yet, and the books won’t be out for a while, but you can check out the My Growing Values website here:


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